Please note: T&T Horsemanship is no longer in business.

About T&T Horsemanship

For over 20 years, Alice and Susan have been striving to continue that spirit of discovery in helping people to develop a deeper relationship with their horse, in the same environment in which Alice was lucky to grow up within. At the base of the Elkhorn Mountains in the far NE corner of Oregon near Baker City, rests the T&T Ranch. It’s small place, surrounded by gracious ranching neighbor, and a horseman’s playground in the foothills.

Previously, T&T Horsemanship offered experiences to aspiring horsemen and women. We loved sharing our journey, in this beautiful place, with other people, who were looking to slow down, and in the process to develop a deeper understanding of the horse and ultimately of themselves.

We still strive to share our horsemanship journey, but now through personal interactions, the writing of articles and production of a few video pieces. We hope you will use this website as a place to gather information, compare, contrast, and come up with a wonderful relationship between you, your horse, your friends and the environment.

Alice & Susan



Meet Alice


Have you felt that place in your soul that is an inexplicable connection to your horse. Do you yearn for the time and the place to slow down, and to pursue a deeper understanding of yourself and of your horse? These are the qualities that separate those who simply ‘ride horses’ from people who Aspire to become a ‘Horseman’.

Alice Trindle was born on a ranch in eastern Oregon, the only daughter in a family of five brothers. She learned to ride behind the back of the saddle holding on to her brother’s belt loops. In the past 25 years Alice has continued her relationship with horses, and had the opportunity to study with several true horsemen such as Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Dennis Reis, and Bettina Drummond. She has conducted clinics in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.

Uniquely Alice…

Alice has a gift of communicating to both humans and their horses. As she often relays, she is not a “horseman” … rather an “aspiring horseman”. In her own pursuit to understand horses and develop her relationships, she has developed a variety of ways of explaining how, when, why, and where to develop a “feel” for and with the horse. Alice’s approach puts the posture and attitude of the human as key components in developing this relationship, and she works diligently to assist the rider in visualizing and feeling how their posture aids the movement of the horse.

She combines her understandings of “Work in Hand” classical dressage principles, with the traditions of the Doma Vaquera, and adds in her background in developing ranch horses. Through this process, many are gaining a greater understanding of the balance of movement required for their horse, and the horses’ are developing true self-carriage, with lightness.