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Aspiring Horseman Exercise:

Poles/Posture/Engagement Exercise

Goal: Develop straightness with engagement

Objective: In order to balance the horse, we need to be aware of our geometry, along with setting it up with bio-mechanical awareness. We are seeking straightness (alignment) and ultimately engagement. (i.e. Greater hip angle, almost a a squat -type feel); This also builds strength;

Elements (Tactics) of Exercise:

1) Traveling down center -line, begin a half -pass to the wall

2) Carry a renvers (haunches-out) posture through the corner, along the short-side

3) Before reaching the ground poles, set-up along the long-side, about 12 meters from the corner…

4) Straighten, focus beyond the poles, and trot over the poles. As you prepare for the poles :

• Envision yourself riding in deep snow

• Bring your legs a bit back towards the flank

• Perhaps raise your hands just slightly

• Positive core – tighten tummy; Smile!


Eclectic Horseman Magazine and the Horseman’s Gazette

Suppling Exercises with Alice Trindle – Spring 2018

Warming your horse up is a great way to prepare physically and mentally for the day’s activities whether that is going for a trail ride or competing at a show. Alice Trindle offers some easy-to-execute exercises that will warm you and your horse up for whatever you have planned for the day.



Alice has a number of articles published in Emily Kitching’s fine publication.  In addition, you can see a number of videos by subscribing to the Horseman’s Gazette,  on subjects such as:

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