T&T Horse Courses

Alice offers opportunities to ride in small groups with a commitment to work together in a series of four or eight week lessons, usually lasting about two hours. 0068You will develop a great bond with your fellow participants and as well as your horse. A clear lesson plan will be developed for the group, along with individual specific tactics for each horse and rider team. It’s fun and economical. Call Susan to make arrangements and to get the pricing at a greatly reduced price over private lesson rates.


La Grande & Idaho

We are putting together the schedule for private lessons at the Red Barn in La Grande, and a location to be determined near Boise, Idaho.

Here is the tentative schedule for 2018:

Red Barn                            Idaho             

April 6                              April 28

May 4                            Alice w riddle-tilly-skip-allegra-chance-gabby resized

June 1                                June 16

July 6                                July 21

August 3                          August 18

August 31                        September 15

October 5                        October 20

November 17

These are a great opportunity to put together a development plan for your entire summer into fall. We will build on skills and understandings from month to month.

Please give Susan a call to schedule your riding time. 541-856-3356 or drop us an email: tnthorse@eoni.com