We have some great opportunities on the schedule to ride with Alice Trindle in 2018. The Schedule includes Build Your Own Weekend, Dressage Clinic/Lesson Weekends, Private Lesson Session, and Horse Study Weekends, all great opportunities to study with Alice. As always, the Schedule is a work in progress.

  • New this year are weekends available for anyone to Build Your Own Clinic. You decide the topic, format and length, we provide instruction, horse and human accommodations. Topics of clinic in the past have included Work In Hand, Dressage, Colt-Starting,Cows & Mountains, Trails, Doma Vaquera and Working Equitation.
  • The Dressage Clinic Weekends are open to five rider per weekend that include a private lesson per participant each day and an optional group riding session in the afternoons. Riders will direct the content of their lesson while others are welcome to audit.
  • The Private Lesson Sessions are regularly scheduled opportunities for private lessons away from the Ranch. Locations are identified and everyone is welcome to sign-up.
  • Horse Study Weekends are a part of a four year curriculum with students currently starting their senior year and are closed to registration.

Let’s figure a way that you can ride with Alice!

T & T Horsemanship Schedule 2018