T & T Horsemanship Schedule 2020

We have some great opportunities on the schedule to ride with Alice Trindle in 2020. The Schedule includes Build Your Own Clinic, Private Lesson Session, and Horse Courses, all great opportunities to study with Alice. As always, the Schedule is a work in progress. Click HERE for the pdf of the info below.

Private Lessons La Grande, Wallowa County & Idaho

We are putting together the schedule for private and group lessons in La Grande, up in

county, and a location to be determined near Boise, Idaho. These are a great opportunity to put together a development plan for your entire summer into fall. We will build on skills and understanding from month to month.

Please give Susan a call to get the schedule and set-up your riding time. 541-519-7234 or drop us an email:

Build Your Own Clinic 2020 T&T Horsemanship Schedule 1.6.20

Call us to talk about your goals and we can help fulfill your dreams.

Idaho Lessons

We are excited to again be headed to the Boise area for lesson opportunities, hopefully on a monthly basis beginning in April 2020. Currently we are in negotiations for a central location. Should you have a facility that would be open to holding these lessons, please let us know the contact information.

If you are interested in participating in a monthly lesson with Alice, where she provides bite-size pieces of great horsemanship exercises that lead to the goals of experiencing improvement with each lessons, please let us know NOW!

Watch the website for The 2020 Schedule


NOTE: Alice will be returning to the Idaho Horse Expo on April 17 – 19, 2020. Plans are for a two-hour clinic on Friday and Saturday. She will be performing with the garrocha at the Saturday evening extravaganza!


Let’s figure a way that you can ride with Alice!

T & T Horsemanship Schedule 2020