Alice has prepared a number of videos that we have call our Tip For The Ride on a variety of topics. You’ll find them categorized below, as well as added to each major page topic. Please keep in mind that these are presented, flaws and all, in a hopes to forward our relationship with horses. We are all on a journey and mistakes and imperfections are part of that process.

Just for Fun: Pedal Power Talk Show Interview (2014)


The Bolero Exercise

This segment looks at a short stretching, lengthening, and relaxing exercise that Alice calls “The Bolero”, as it is reminiscent of the feel a bullfighter might have using his cape to draw the bull forward.

 Beginning Work In Hand Part One

Perhaps you can’t get out to ride, but you could take 15 to 20 minutes of mindful ground work to exercise and supple your horse. Alice Trindle presents her interpretation of beginning Work in Hand, an ancient Classical Dressage positioning and principle that develops self-carriage and self-confidence in horse & rider. Part I covers a review of suppling exercise called the Bolero, Principles of Work in Hand, Development of Rein Triangle for supportive and active reins and Shoulder-in on small circle exercise. You can also follow the written articles on this site.

Beginning Work In Hand Part Two

Part II of Alice Trindle’s ‘Winter Horse Play’ series gives the horse and human team a set of ‘Work in Hand’ exercises to accomplish. Shoulder-in on a small & large circle; Leg-yield; Balanced back-up or rein-back; and suggestions for positioning of these maneuvers using only one hand. These exercises develop self-carriage in both horse and human, establish the outside rein, and capitalize on the value of lateral movements for all riding disciplines.

Using The Stop Sign Pattern Exercise-Work In Hand

Lunging Positioning- Round Pen and Square Pen Lunging

This is a short demonstration and discussion of Round Pen & Square Pen Lunging Postures. Alice provides a quick, simple view for what, why, & how to accomplish these lunging positionings with your horse.


Working With Your Horse At Liberty

In this Tip for the Ride, Alice Trindle explains and demonstrates ‘mindful’ liberty work with your horse in a round pen positioning. “It’s important that everything we do on the ground will also make sense to the horse when you are in the saddle. With liberty work, you employ your ‘Horseman’s Protocol’ by becoming present, seeing a clear picture, and watching first for a positive attitude (eyes & ears) from the horse, then combine with movement & transitions.”

Liberty Work With No Strings Attached – Round Pen Position

Alice Trindle presents a detailed demonstration of how to develop your relationship with your horse working at liberty…no strings attached. In this Tip for the Ride, she discusses the Round Pen positioning to establish a connection to your horse through a variety of transitions totally at liberty.

Liberty Work – Square Pen Positioning

Join Alice Trindle as she continues her series on Liberty Work ~ No Strings Attached. This segment demonstrates and discusses the principles of utilizing a ‘Square Pen’ positioning to aid your horse in developing straightness and self-confidence at liberty.


Exercises for Renvers, Travers – Riding the Stop Sign Pattern

This Tip for the Ride video demonstrates the use of the Stop Sign pattern to enhance your understanding of establishing Travers (haunches – in), Renvers (haunches – out), counter-bends, and shoulder-in postures/movements in flowing combinations.

Human Exercises From The Saddle

Alice Trindle shows a series of exercises to supple the human while in the saddle to prepare for a great ride. Starting with the upper body (arms, shoulders, core area) and moving to lower body (hips, ankles, knees, and legs). Wonderful exercises, accomplished from the saddle.

Suppling Exercise-Preparing Your Horse For A  Great Ride

Alice Trindle talks about the supple and relaxation exercises to help create a great ride for every horsemanship discipline. In a progression of three positions, she suggests dynamic and in motion stretch and flexes that ultimately relax the horse, and allow the rider to check out possible stiff or braced areas.

Using Ground Pole To Develop Engagement

In this video Alice Trindle describes how to use ground poles to create greater engagement and focus for the horse.  Articles that accompany this exercise can be found in a series regarding “Use of the Cavaletti” on this site.

Moving Sideways With Balance

Developing feel, timing, and balance in flowing – rhythmic lateral movements is a critical element for every riding discipline. Alice talks about and demonstrates the difference between ‘leg-yield’ and ‘half-pass’ postures, and relays the importance of employing balance rather than pressure to accomplish these sideways movements.

Soft Shoulders And Freeing Up The Hips

In this Tip for the Ride, Alice Trindle talks about two exercises to free up the shoulders and hips of the horse, utilizing balance, focus, and feel. Ultimately developing an effortless turn on the fore hand, and turn on the haunch.

Bobby Pin Pattern To Develop Soft Shoulders For Beautiful Transitions

Focus, feel, timing and balance are key elements for all aspiring horsemen and women. In this Tip for the Ride, Alice discusses a exercise or pattern she calls the “Bobby Pin” that utilizes reverse bends and leg yield movements to set it up for beautiful transitions.

 Balanced Canter Depart

Effortless canter departs and lead changes are the hallmark of nearly every aspiring horseman. In this Tip for the Ride, Alice discusses using proper posture and balance, combined with a simple pattern, to set it up for horse & rider to easily take a light canter depart.


The Use Of The Garrocha

This Tip for Ride shows Alice Trindle demonstrating and explaining some basic movements using the Doma Vaquera, bull figthing pole, called the garrocha. Learn how this simple tool can help you to develop feel, timing, balance, rhythm, and confidence in both horse and rider.


Ground Work With The Lariat Part One

In this Tip for the Ride, Alice Trindle shows the use of the lariat from the ground to encourage a young horse to develop confidence and sensitize him to sights, sounds, and feelings he will experience under saddle.

Ground Work With The Lariat Part Two

Alice Trindle examines applying the skills learned by using the lariat on the ground with a young horse, to exercises with rider in the saddle. Establishing effortless communication based on body language, focus, and clear intentions with no intimidation.

Sideways On A Circle- The No Smoking Sign Drill

In this Alice Trindle “Tip for the Ride” she demonstrates a ground skill exercise asking the horse to move sideways on a circle with a no tension on the lead rope. Dubbed the “No Smoking Drill” this exercise develops the self-confidence in the horse, while working on the humans ability to clearly communicate their intentions.

Riding In A Halter, One Rein

In this Video, Alice Trindle talks about the benefits to riding in a horseman’s halter, and utilizing just one rein. Feel, timing, focus, balance, and multitasking are required to accomplish riding with a halter and 12 ft. lead.